Kate And Tim Were Almost In A Feature Film Starring John Cleese

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But they were snubbed!

Kate Ritchie and Tim Blackwell could have been in an Australian feature film, but their mate - Callan Durlik - didn't follow through with the casting. 

Callan popped into the Nova Studios to play Quick Draw against Kate, but the guys were quick to point out they missed out on roles in his debut feature film 'The Naked Wanderer'. 

“Is this the moment that we suggest that in that process, you may or may not have suggested to me that I could be in it,” Tim asked.

“I thought I was in it too actually," Kate said. "There was a bit of debate about whether we get you in for quick draw after you dropped us!”

“I have heard this Callan, that Tim was offered a role which very quickly disappeared once funding came through,” Marty said.

Callan defended himself a little bit...

“What I did want, I wanted like news throughout the movie… like radio bits… the guy does the big walk, so it’s big news.”

The film follows Jake (Angus McLaren) who walks all-but-naked up the coast of Western Australia mostly for charity, but also in the hope to win back his ex-girlfriend, Jasmine, who rejected his proposal. 

The hilarious UK comedian John Cleese makes a guest appearance as a media scoundrel who sponsors Jake's journey. 

In addition to writing and associate producing the film, Callan plays Jake's best friend and John Cleese's nephew. 

Watch Callan take on Kate in Quick Draw!

Written By Madeline Muir
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