Kate, Tim & Marty… The week that was

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And what a week it was…      

The week kicked off when Tom Gleisner from Have You Been Paying Attention stopped by to versus Kate in Quick Draw. You know it’s a controversial game when Marty pulls the rules out! Check it out… 

On Wednesday we moved on to Age Game ‘The Fantale Edition’. Tim read out a Fantale wrapper and once Kate and Marty guessed the celebrity they needed to guess their age….

Mayhem this week was a bit of a family affair when the guuys got Kate’s mum involved in the show. The idea was simple, every song that was played was chosen by Kate’s mum. Watch now: 

And a bit of a bonus round for you… On Friday Tim was on the Fitzy and Wippa show and took on Fitzy in their weekly rap battle. Check it out…. 

See you Monday for TGIM!

Written By Gemma Prendergast
Spin It DJ burn baby

Spin It DJ got a bit fiery today. 

The Age Game

The scores are neck and neck 

Bill Shorten

Is this Kate's biggest 'opposition'??