How to build the perfect grazing board

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In partnership with Mondo Doro, we spill the secrets on how to craft the perfect grazing platter. 

Grazing platters aren’t just for grazing. Sometimes you just have to dive in mouth first and consume. It’s a feast for all of the senses, so don’t you even think about holding back.

You’ll need to make sure you’re prepared for a hoard of hungry mouths, so turn a baby into a beast and keep your family and friends full until morning. This is the key to crafting the perfect grazing platter.

First off, don’t ever sacrifice on the quality of your ingredients. Sure, your grazing platter may look incredible but if it doesn’t pass the taste test, your guests might be left hungry. Chances are, they’re itching for the classics – high-quality meat and cheese.

Quality is damn important, but so is quantity. If it tastes good, your guests are going to want to eat a lot of it. 

Consider texture. You’ll need something crisp and crunchy as a vessel for the soft stuff, and maybe some breadsticks to carry the prosciutto. What about grapes to add a sweet ‘pop’ to that hearty slab of brie or nuts to add some crunch? Throw in a pot of homemade dip for a creamy addition of flavour. Texture is just as important as taste.

Colour also plays a part. Contrast your soft creams with punches of colour in the form of watermelon, grapes, berries, tomatoes, avocado… You want your guests to be salivating at the sight of it!

If you need to cut corners, purchase some supermarket dip and transfer it into a small bowl or pot (you can even tell a sneaky white lie and claim it as your own handiwork).

Oh, and you’ll need wine. Lots of it.

Produced in partnership with Mondo Doro.  

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Written By Rebecca O'Malley

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