Which holiday destination is best suited to your personality?

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Airbnb has designed a fun quiz to help you choose your next holiday destination and we're a little too excited about this

Much like us, each destination has its own personality. Some seem to fit us better than others. Sometimes, we drop our bags and say, “this place really suits me"... Other times we feel like a stranger as soon as we land. Well, travel-lovers, we have good news for you: Airbnb has a solution, so you can stop leaving it all to chance.

How? You ask. With everyone’s favourite pass time: a fun lil quiz. 

If you’re hoping to get some help choosing your next holiday, just jump onto Airbnb's Trip Matcher site, take the cute, illustrated quiz, identify your travel personality and you’ll be matched with an itinerary that’s been curated especially for your personality type. 

From the perfect destination to the Airbnb property of your dreams, Trip Matcher will churn out a tailored experience and local recommendations based on your travel tastes.

And if you’re worried your travel style is a little too quirky, don’t be. Airbnb has seriously thought of an experience for every single personality type. From those who feel as though they were born in the wrong era, to travellers with a unique penchant for “all the aesthetics” or music lovers hoping to take a cultural journey, they have you covered.

I mean, seriously... the above photo is of Super Mario land in Tokyo. There really is something for everyone. 

We got "The Nature Lover" and our perfect holiday destination was Nairobi, Kenya.

...If you'll excuse us we need to go plan our trip. 

Take the quiz yourself here.  

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There’s an Aussie restaurant serving burgers with mac n’ cheese BUNS​:

Written By Stephanie Nuzzo