You can get super cheap flights to Fiji right now!

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Fiji Beach

BRB, booking tickets now!

We've been back at work for over two months since our last holiday, and to be honest, it's been two months too long. If you're anything like us, you're planning your next holiday.

If it's a beach holiday you're after, you can get return flights to Fiji with Fiji Airways and STA Travel from $499 from Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane and from $599 from Melbourne. 

The beaches are beautiful and the water is gorgeous, there's plenty of activities for the adventurous types as well as those who just want to relax. 

As we're about to get into winter, now is probably the best time for you to head over to Fiji – oh and it's a seriously short flight!

We really wouldn't mind being this girl right about now...

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Quit daydreaming and find out more here, as well as more travel deals here

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