Vera Blue performs live in Nova's Red Room ARIA Week

8 min read

Calling all the pretty girls! It literally doesn’t get better (no, really).

Kicking off Nova's Red Room ARIA Week, we think we speak for everyone when we say that Vera Blue’s first ever Nova's Red Room was legendary.

Hear us: LEG. END. DARY.

ARIA Week is all about celebrating everything that is Australian music, and Vera Blue did not disappoint tonight at the iconic Aussie venue - The Lansdowne.

Despite being just 24-years-old Vera Blue (aka Celia Pavey) is no stranger to the stage, taking to Nova’s Red Room like a well-dressed duck to water. 

The Aussie Queen belted out our fav deep tunes that are oh so relatable - 'Mended', ‘Hold’ and 'All The Pretty Girls' (our personal fav).  

To top it all off she ended the night on a high, by wrapping up her performance with Lady Powers, followed by Regular Touch #girlpower.

Interacting with the crowd between songs & busting out her killer dance moves, Vera Blue in Nova's Red Room won our hearts & the top spot in our personal playlist right now.

A master of the pipes, guitar and violin, Vera Blue is – in case we didn’t say it strong enough before – ahhhmazing.

Don’t believe us? Check out 'All The Pretty Girls' below!

Photo Credit: Brayden Smith (BCS Imaging)

Written By Briar-Louise Rose