WATCH: The Black Eyed Peas Intimate Live Show in Nova's Red Room

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You know what they say, p-p-p-party everyday! See the EPIC videos below

Big love is what the audience felt from The Black Eyed Peas tonight at Howler in Nova's Red Room. Jumping into hits like ‘Let’s Get It Started’, 'Where Is The Love?', 'Boom Boom Pow', their new smash hit 'Big Love' and more.

In between wowing the crowd,, Taboo and shared their love for Australia.

Taboo said:

"1999, Australia was one of our biggest supporters! We want to say thank you guys!" continued:

"We were getting ready for something that we didn't even know was possible and I want to thank every single person in radio and Universal Australia that were really responsible for taking The Black Eyed Peas to the next level and it started HERE IN MELBOURNE".

"So, it feels really good to be here 15 years later!"

'Up, close and personal' hit a new level when the audience got an insight on how they formed The Black Eyed Peas, and what inspired the hit that threw them into the spotlight, 'Where Is The Love?': 

"The guy that first signed us, the guy that believed in us, he passed away.

"We were like panicking, not only because we were sad and broken hearted but we were afraid of what was going to become of us.

"In the summer of 1995 we started Black Eyed Peas. Endless loss, we didn't know what the eff was gonna go down.

"I remember our first $100 cheque, we were like 'woah $100, that's $33 for me, $33 for Taboo and $33 for Apl.

"We had nothin' but dreams, and I thought 'don't trip, everything's going to be alright'.

"We travelled the world and we finally got a record deal, but it wasn't for one song that really took us out of the world and that was a song called 'Where Is The Love?'"

It felt like no time had passed with the audience chanting every single lyric like it was 2003. 

The Black Eyed Peas left everyone with 'I Gotta Feeling' the perfect track to end Nova's Red Room and get everyone pumped for their AFL Grand Final weekend. Needless to say, we have big BIG love for The Black Eyed Peas.





Written By Christina Cavaleri