Be An Adult; Buy This Maccas Cheeseburger Scented Candle

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Mmmmm… Burger… 

The ‘Maccas Run’ is a beloved Australian tradition. 

There’s no better combo than a cheeseburger with a chocolate thick shake, large fries and 10 nuggs with sweet and sour sauce. 

Oh, and an Oreo McFlurry. 

AND an Apple Pie if you’re feeling especially greasy. 

Bottom line: Maccas is life. 

So when we heard a ‘Maccas Run’ scented candle existed (for only $29.95), we did what any normal financially stable fully grown adult would do: we sent screenshots to all of our friends. 

And then we bought 10 of them. 

We love ourselves a scented candle, but why go for the standard Vanilla or boring Gardenia scents when you can make your whole house smell like a Cheesey-B???? 

If you’re a sucker for gluttony then we’ve got good news for you: there’s a whole range of junk food-scented candles that will get your toes curling, if ya know what we mean. 

There’s a scent for every room of your home: 

In the bathroom, poop to the soothing scent of ‘Mi Goreng’. The smell of MSG mixed with Asian spices will loosen your bowels in no time. 

In the kitchen, cook to the inspiring scent of ‘Bacon’. ‘Cause nothing says “I’m Nigella Lawson,” like the smell of burning offcuts. 

In the living room, entertain your guests with a ‘friendly’ game of Monopoly. Use a ‘Garlic Bread’ scented candle to make them hangry and watch while they all destroy each other. 

Save the ‘Cheeseburger’ candle for the bedroom. If there’s one thing that’s gonna get you laid it’ll be the smell of tasty cheese, beef and pickles. Thank us later. 

Images: Grey Lines , Giphy / Giphy. 


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