Bob Irwin’s confusing TV appearance

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The youngest Crocodile Hunter made an appearance on US TV this week - and couldn’t communicate with the host.

Bob Irwin, 13, was on the US version of Family Feud with mum Terri and sister Bindi - but his Australian accent was so thick, host Steve Harvey couldn’t understand him.

One of the show’s questions asked Bob to name “something a five-year-old might ask a bank to loan them money to buy.”

When Bob responded with “A car” - Steve was baffled.

The Irwins ultimately won the episode, raising $25,000 for their Wildlife Warriors charity.

Bindi told the New York Post after taping the episode that their much-missed dad Steve Irwin would have been a wonderful addition to the show.

“(Dad) had to think at lightning speed when working with beautiful animals like crocodiles. That fast thinking would have for sure made him fantastic on the show!”

Written By Hayley
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