Dog Finds Sex Toy In The Forest And Refuses To Let It Go

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Drop it. PLEASE.

Dogs have a mind of their own when they go for walkies. Their excitement takes over and there is an overload of new smells. 

Therefore, we can't be surprised when our four-legged friends dig up something random and bring it to us for praise. 

But for dog owner Sara Middleton it wasn't exactly the time for "good girl" when her dog Flossie brought her a bright pink sex toy while on their walk. 

Yes, while going on their daily walk in the forest in Ashington, Northumberland yesterday, Flossie the Basset Hound emerged with a dildo and refused to drop it from her mouth for over three kilometres. In fact, she was so proud of her find Sara says she was "proudly waving her tail in the air" as she trotted in front of her owner. 

Taking to Facebook to share the embarrassing moment with her friend, Sara said:

"WELL!!! When I went down to the woods today, I wasn't expecting this surprise!!"

Guess the classic frisbee is considered so last year for dear old Floss. 

Image: Facebook 

Written By Christina Cavaleri

Big Brother is watching.

The decision comes after some controversy.  

Take care of your furry friends.