Experts warn volcano could erupt at any time in THIS Australian Capital City

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Australia map

And yes, you read that right.

This might come as a bit of shock to you – it did to us – but Australia has a volcano that might erupt. And not only that, but the volcano’s not in the middle of smack bang nowhere. Nope. It’s in… Melbourne.

Yep. Experts think a volcanic field similar to ones in Auckland, an area surrounded by volcanoes, exists in Melbourne.

ANU’s Richard Arculus told, one erupted in South Australia many years ago and one could erupt in Victoria anytime soon too.

"Mount Gambier [in South Australia] probably erupted 10,000 years ago. The indigenous people would have seen that erupting. It's not like having Mount Agung in your backyard. You could have a lava flow down Bourke Street."

Mount Gambier

Melbourne is similar to Auckland in that it exists outside the usual location location where volcanoes form so researchers can’t accurately predict volcanic activity. 


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