Male crew member reports Craig McLachlan to the police

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He wants to remain anonymous

According to reports by Fairfax, another two accusers have come forward with allegations against actor Craig McLachlan. One of which is a male crew member.

The man has asked to remain anonymous from the 2014 production of the Rocky Horror Show, reportedly went to Victoria Police to file a complaint, alleging McLachlan assaulted him backstage while the show was in Melbourne.

This comes after actors Christie Whelan Browne, Angela Scundi and Erika Heynatz came out and said McLachlan touched them inappropriately and indecently showed himself.

Second crew member also alleged that McLachlan sexually harassed her when she worked on The Rocky Horror Show.

“I’d go in there, super uncomfortable, and he had little or no clothing on,” she alleges. “I saw him doing this to other girls as well.”

Offspring star Lachy Hulme also shared his thoughts on McLachlan and took to Twitter to offer his support to Whelan-Browne, despite having known McLachlan for years.

“For the record: I’ve known Craig McLachlan for over 18 years. For the record: I’ve never met Christie Whelan-Browne. For the record: I stand with Christie Whelan-Browne. @Christie_Whelanover”

ABC reported that a tanning salon worker said he lounge-kissed her without her permission in 2004.

“He walked around the reception desk to where I was sitting, he grabbed my face in both hands and passionately kissed me, tongue included.”

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