Move Aside Willy Wonka ‘Cause Streets Icecream Is Giving Away A Lifetime Supply Of Golden Gaytimes

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Or $10,000, you decide.

Golden Gaytimes are heaven on earth. 

We mean the ice cream, not the… other thing... get your head out of the gutter! 

The toffee and vanilla icecream swirl dipped in chocolate and covered in honeycomb biscuits is like a sugar shot straight to the heart, and boy is it great. 

Much to the disappointment of our 10-year-old selves, our mums would insist Golden Gaytimes are a ‘sometimes’ treat. 

But as fully grown adults with an intense love for all things dessert, we resent that teaching. Nay, we reject it. 

Icecream all day erryday for errymeal pls and thank u. 

Streets, bless them, have decided to feed our addiction and run a competition to win a lifetime supply of Golden Gaytime icecream. 

We’re imagining something straight out of Willy Wonka and we are so there.

To win you have to find a golden ticket (yes, seriously) in a box of Golden Gaytimes. 

Well, technically you need the CODE that's on the golden ticket. Enter the code online to find out of if you’re a lucky winner. 

“To enter, participants must purchase a specially-marked Golden Gaytime ice confection product during the promotional period,” the Streets website reads.

“Once purchased, open the wrapper to see if your Golden Gaytime is wrapped in a golden ticket and has a unique code on the stick.”

If you win, you’ll get to choose between $10,000 OR 1,742 icecreams. 

We should note that 1,742 icecreams only lasts 4.7 years, assuming you only have one day, which really isn’t much at all. 

Hey Streets, are you open to negotiations? We gotta talk. 

The promotion finishes on May 31, so get ’em while they’re hot cold. 

Images: Golden Gaytime / Streets, Giphy / Giphy. 




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