Nathan, Nat & Shaun - Podcast 17th February 2017

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When they were acting super nervous - a woman stole 4.5k worth of groceries by copying mee goreng barcodes and putting them on other food items. Bonnie caught a nervous person stealing booze and Bec is a nervous person in general and cant eat junk food and chocolate in front of her boyfriend so she sneaks it in when he's not home.

Gretel Killeen - she's single and reckons single people get treated like losers. But she reckons there are plenty of benefits to being single!

Gretel Killeen - shared some stats on who the happiest people are - 70k is the optimum income amount for people to be content. She also reckons Perth people love hugging.

Rachel Griffiths - The Australian actress stars in Gus Van Sant's new mini-series "We Will Rise". She chatted about gay history and their current lack of rights in Australia.

Illy - The Aussie rapper talked about growing up in Frankston, studying Law and being a fan of The OA.

Written By Beth Krapljanov