Nathan, Nat & Shaun Podcast - 9th March 2017

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Luke Harrison is the creator of the Facebook page 'Sausage Rolls for the Boys' which has been receiving a lot of attention, especially by us! They spoke about the reviews on his page and of course the perfect sausage roll. They also spoke about what makes an awful sausage roll, and their preferred beverage to wash it down with.

Masto joined the guys ahead of Eagles clash with Melbourne tonight. He spoke about how pre-season has been going, who the biggest sweater is at the club and somehow about mopping floors…

When did you ignore the alarm but shouldn't have? Gabby's car would always beep at her when she was reversing, except the one time she ignored it she reversed in to a building. Jason should've listened to his whole school class calling him in from the beach as a big mantaray was swimming beneath him!

Jess ignored the security screens that always used to pop down whilst she was working in the bank but this one time she noticed someone had a gun… Jodie ignored her dogs howl and woke up to realise she'd been robbed.

Written By Beth Krapljanov