Nathan, Nat & Shaun Podcast - 17th March 2017

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Nathan saw two black women who both had huge afro's, wearing the same thing right down to their sandals, and everyone thought they were part of Sculptures by the Sea. People were taking photo's with them… When have people taken photo's of you?

When have people taken photos of you? Doug went to Disney Land and everyone thought he was Ryan Reynolds!

On channel 10 news last night they kept talking about the planet Uranus… Except it sounded weird?

Nat joined a Facebook group called Freo Massive where a girl posted about her pet snake being stuck in her couch and she needed someone to help her dismantle it. A man went around to help her but missed the critical details and didn't realise there was a snake inside...

When did you miss the critical details? Gordon's boss wasn't good with the crucial details and they worked for a demolition company…

It's St Patrick's Day and the guys caught up with Steve from The Parnell Bar & Grill to see what festivities they'll be getting up to in Dublin!

Dave McClung's Dad did him a favour by looking after his dog after he'd just had surgery. But his Dad let him play fetch and was taking him for walks which caused the stitches to pop and now Dave has to pay another $1500 for surgery again… When have you had a go at someone doing you a favour?

When have you had a go at someone doing you a favour? Chanelle's hubby washed her clothes after their baby vomited on them, but he accidentally threw her phone in the washing machine as well… Matt's friend crashed his car while he was away, the other broke his lawn mower and the other let his bird out of its cage.

When have you had a go at someone doing you a favour? Nicole ripped her jeans back in the day as she wanted to be super cool but accidentally ripped them too much, so her mum patched up the whole rip as opposed to sewing just a little bit. Brady was house sitting for his sister but she didn't give him a remote to the garage and he got a $150 fine...

Written By Beth Krapljanov