Nathan, Nat & Shaun Podcast - 24th March 2017

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Denis Irwin is a legend of Manchester United who are in town this weekend and he joined the guys to talk about the season ahead, their trainings and the crowd.

A listener told us a story about her friend who got a robot vacuum cleaner, and one day it just vanished, never to be found again… What has disappeared without a trace? Kip's laptop was under his car seat and then it just vanished… No evidence of his car being broken in to either… Elly noticed her food was going missing until she realized she has a 'sleep eating' problem.

Ross Lyon joined the guys ahead of Freo taking on the Kanga's this weekend. He spoke about the season ahead, the new recruits and the new office.

Tom Gleeson joined the guys to talk about Hard Quiz! He spoke about growing up boarding at school and how his parents own a motel… Tom Gleeson continued talking with the guys about Hard Quiz, his old band and the moment he thought he'd made it as rock star. He also spoke about his parents and their knack for signs.

Gilly joined the guys to talk the Grand Prix this weekend!

Clive Standen, aka ROLLO from VIKINGS joined the guys! He's in town for Oz Con. He spoke about his new show, how he actually auditioned to be Ragnar and the one Aussie TV show he just loves!

Written By Beth Krapljanov