Nathan, Nat & Shaun Podcast - 27th March 2017

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Katie got locked out of the studio on the weekend and Nathan came to the rescue! When have you been locked out of work?

When have you been locked out of work? Jarrad works at the local swimming pool and locked himself out of the building so couldn't let anyone in until the receptionist got there half an hour later. Adam got locked out of his dorm on the mine site in his boxers.

Maggie Dent joined the guys to talk about the re-release of her book Real Kids in an Unreal World. She spoke about how important it is for kids to feel disappointment.

Maggie Dent took Sam and Bianca's call about how their kids can't deal with losing and disappointment.

Shaun went to the camper van expo and didn't realise Megan had a ploy to make him buy one… When have you been blind sighted?

When have you been blind sighted? Susan's husband bought another boat... Brooke's husband just went ahead and bought a house for them and Justine has booked a Bali holiday that her hubby is yet to know about…

Written By Beth Krapljanov