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NNS Chats

You've requested it ... so here they are!

Martin Clunes

The guys got Martin in to chat about his new TV Series 'Island of Australia', but somehow it turned into a conversation about brushing horses ankles...

Taryn Brumfitt - Embrace the documentary 

The guys chatted to Taryn about Embrace the documentary and the importance of the Body Image Movement.

Listen here


Olivia Vivian

The guys chatted to WA's very own Olympic gymnast Olivia Vivian about the controversial closure of the women’s artistic gymnastics (WAG) program from Jan 2017. 


Ray Warren

The guys chatted to 'The Voice' of Origin, Ray Warren this morning, not only about sport but they also learnt alot about binoculars..


Mick Malthouse

Nathan, Nat & Shaun chatted to Mick Malthouse about the new season of The Recruit on FOX8. He also gave us his take on Shaun McManus as a young player and what he thinks about womens AFL.




Eugene Simon - Game of Thrones


The guys got to chat to Eugene Simon from Game of Thrones before he started his Perth stint at Supanova this weekend. They of course talked EVERYTHING Game of Thrones, including how he would like his character to be killed off! They also introduced Eugene's tastebuds to the Kalgoorlie Lunchbowl sausage roll!

For the full interview LISTEN HERE 


Daddying Everyday


The guys caught up with Cam, a blogger and stay at home dad to chat about what it's like, a day in the life of a stay at home dad. 

You can check out his blog here.



Will Arnett - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The guys caught up with Will to chat about being in the new Ninja Turles movie! Apparently the main message for this film is ... Pizza in moderation!


Millionaire Matchmaker!

Did you know Perth had it's very own Millionaire Matchmaker?! Yep, her name is Louanne Ward, she joined Nathan, Nat and Shaun to chat about the do's and don'ts of dating. 



Eve Online

As we speak there is a MASSIVE online war going on! We spoke to Andres Savill about Eve Online, the game where at any one time up to 50 THOUSAND gamers are logged online trying to claim their region of space!


Axis of Awesome

Jordan Raskopoulos, Benny Davis and Lee Naimo joined Nathan, Nat & Shaun in the studio to chat about their YouTube success, Jordan transitioning and their upcoming performances in Perth.


Listen to the full interview here!




John Petricevic - Life AfterLife

It's amazing what we find out when we get to know each other... Our newsreader Ellie recently jetted of to Cannes with her dad John, why? Because he has made this awesome documentary about the afterlife! Check out our full interview with him.



Jerry Buting - Making A Murderer


By now you’ve either heard of or seen the Netflix documentary series ‘Making A Murderer’ and probably have so many questions that you would love answered! 

Nathan, Nat & Shaun were lucky enough to chat to Jerry Buting who was one of Steven Avery’s lawyers. They got his thoughts on the documentary series and pressed him for answers to those questions we all have!


AFL Fantasy


Nathan, Nat and Shaun stumbled across an AFL underworld where you can pick and choose who you want on your AFL Team. 

Warnie joined the guys to break it all down for us. 


Jessica Chastain - The Huntsman: Winter's War

NNS & Jessica Chastain

Nathan, Nat & Shaun chatted with Jessica Chastain about what it was like working along side our Aussie Chris Hemsworth in their new movie 'The Huntsman: Winter's War'. 

She also practised her Aussie Slang (it's pretty good!) and talked about what training was involved for the film.



Max Carver and Cody Christian from Teen Wolf!

Max Carver and Cody Christian

It's that time of year again... Oz Comic-Con is back! 

Nathan, Nat & Shaun caught up with Max Carver and Cody Christian from Teen Wolf to chat about what we can expect this weekend at the convention centre!

They also chatted about their other work in the television industry, asked Max what it is like working as a twin in Hollywood and the guys tried to plan a perfect Friday night out in Perth for the boys!




Nathan, Nat & Shaun with Mr Cricket himself aka Mike Hussey!

NNS with Mr Cricket

Mike chatted to the guys about the Ultimate Lifestyle Lottery for the Cancer Council WA. He also let us know that being a famous Indian cricketer means sometimes you have to exit your hotel room in a motorcycle helmet! 



Mick Corbett


NNS Chat to Mick Corbett


They guys made sure they chatted to Mick before he tackled the 100 Foot wave in Portugal! They wanted to find out if professional surfers get scared going out into the deep blue ocean.



Nathan, Nat & Shaun chatted to Duncraig's finest, Daniel Ricciardo!

NNS with Daniel Ricciardo

He has style! He has flair! He is the West Coast Eagles #1 ticket holder! He is Daniel Ricciardo! 

Daniel chatted to the guys ahead of the Formula One 2016 kicking off in Melbourne this weekend and it sounds like he is prepped and ready to race!




Stomach stretches, large meals and a trio of hungry Aussies!

Nathan, Nat & Shaun had a chat with Cal about the Melbourne "Chew Crew" who go from venue to venue, devouring a massive amount of food! It's a mouth watering chat about a seriously large amount of food, and find out what records the guys currently hold!

Cal from the Chew Crew showcases a mammoth burger

Source: Facebook


The secret world of Australia's Sugar Daddies and their Sugar Babies!

Wealthy older men are paying thousands of dollars to younger women for a relationship. Jess chatted with Nathan, Nat & Shaun about what this lifestyle offers and how she got involved. It's a topic that we found interesting and we all had a curiosity to find out more. 


Shannen Doherty


Supanova brought all the starts to Perth this weekend! The guys were lucky enough to catch up with Shannen Doherty to chat about Charmed and 90210, Shannen also told them why she loves Perth so much!



Chris Albonico - Baby Banz

Nathan, Nat & Shaun spoke to Chris about how his earmuffs became royalty! 


Written By Adam Doyle
Niall Horan- Australian tour


Quick Draw Sam Simmons

Kate really needs another win in the bag...

Japanese Festival

Did you know that an annual penis festival is a thing?