All things related to parenting with Maggie Dent

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Maggie Dent

Maggie Dent comes in to discuss parenting

Maggie Dent often comes in to chat with Nathan, Nat and Shaun about parenting and offers her counciling to our listeners as well. We've got all the audio from Maggie in one place as you might be in a similar situation and be wanting help.


Listen to them below or visit Maggie's website or Facebook as she has a wealth of knowledge and a bunch of resources to share.



Maggie Dent: LIVE from The Shorehouse for our Mother's Day celebration "Son of a Mum"

Maggie Dent on: Three-nagers and motivating kids

Maggie Dent on: Discipline, FIFO parents, how to get them out of your bed, reduce the 'cling' factor

Maggie Dent on: Her new book "9 Things" and raising happy kids

Maggie Dent on: Talk's to kids, helps with those who don't listen, and helped with bullying issues

Maggie Dent on: Talk's about letting kids be kids, drama queen child, how to set rules when they go off to the park

Maggie Dent on: Back to school

Maggie Dent on: Easter and teens on social media.

Written By Adam Doyle

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