Magda Szubanski calls out parliament on same-sex marriage vote

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She spoke out ahead of the first televised same-sex marriage on Aussie TV

It's a big week for Australian soap opera Neighbours. They're the first TV show in Aussie history to broadcast a same-sex marriage.

Magda Szubanski led the charge in campaigning for marriage equality in Australia, and she also plays the role of Jemima Davies-Smythe, the celebrant at David and Aaron's wedding in the show. 

Magda spoke to Nova Brisbane's Ash, Kip & Luttsy with Susie O'Neill this morning ahead of the episode tonight.

She didn't hold back about her opinions on how the vote was handled from a parliamentary level. When asked if she was 'p*ssed off' Malcolm Turnbull took the credit for the result of the vote, she was brutally honest.

“Look I have to say [it is annoying] because there were people who worked for years behind the scenes for it. It wasn’t the Australian people that stopped it happening, it was the parliament," she said.

“Turnbull in his way did support it and was trying to make it happen. But I think we well and truly know that Canberra is very out of step with who we are as people.”

“You do want to just yell at them, ‘Grow up!’”

She admitted that campaigning for so long took its toll: 

“You feel like you’re carrying the weight of a whole lot of other people on your shoulders - in a good way. But just this incredible sense of responsibility. And just feeling like, 'if I put a foot wrong, I could stuff this'," Magda said.

The historic episode of Neighbours airs over two nights. 

“[The vote] was very damaging for a lot of people. But, hopefully through this and with things like the marriage on Neighbours tonight, it will just become more normal and people will see that it’s not a threat that it’s actually just a different expression of love, but love nevertheless," she said.

Listen to the full chat below. 


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