Harry Styles reveals why he's playing at smaller venues on tour

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Harry Styles

It’s so good to have him back

Harry Styles broke millions of hearts when his upcoming tour sold out in a matter of seconds and it had us questioning why he didn’t pick bigger venues to play out.


But we finally have our answer, from the man himself. When Smallzy asked Harry on the reason behind the small venues he said: 

“Honestly, it’s as simple as... It’s my first tour and my first album and I’m looking forward to playing these songs to people. And I think [ these venues] it’s appropriate. They’ll be fun, it’s always nice to have a lot of energy in those venues. And I’m excited to play them, they’re amazing places. 

I wanted to go out and play the new songs for fans who wanted to watch.” 

Harry also discussed his first debut album saying and discovery the sound of a ‘solo Harry’. 

“In terms of the sound, it was my first album, so going into the process I didn’t know what my solo album sounded like. 

There’s a lot of different stuff on there and I wanted whoever listen to it, go through the process of finding my way with me.” 

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Written By Gemma Prendergast

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