John Cena reveals a MASSIVE 'Transformers' film secret

1 min read

OK... We never would have guessed this!

Yesterday, Smallzy was in Hong Kong catching up with John Cena, AKA the co-star of the new Transformers movie 'BumbleBee', and it's safe to say that we learnt A LOT about this film!

The pair discussed the ahhh-mazing soundtrack, (Seriously... You have to get your hands on it) and of course, Smallzy got the former WWE champ to dish all the juicy secrets from behind-the-scenes, including what it was like to work alongside a Transformer - 'cause hey, don't we all wanna know?

Check it all out below and don't forget to catch 'BumbleBee' in cinemas from the 20th of December!





Written By Rosanna Lamotta