Rita Ora spills the beans on new Detective Pikachu movie

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Our fav singer is making strides in film.

Rita Ora, worldwide sensation, amazing singer and all around Cool Gal caught up with our very own Smallzy for a chat about her new flick, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.

Not to be outdone by her second studio album 'Phoenix' - which features smash hits 'Let You Love Me', and 'Anywhere' - plus a world tour (which yes, is coming to Aus next March), Rita has decided to dabble in voice acting.

Yup! Topping off an already stellar career, the 28-year-old will be starring alongside Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming film Pikachu Detective but despite the flicks somewhat distant release date, she didn't hold back telling Smallzy all about the - yet to be announced - full cast!

Intrigued? See for yourself:

And if you haven't had a look at the trailer, check it all out now:

Written By Ally Parker

They performed at the Aus Open, but how well will they go naming who’s who?

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