Troye Sivan had his face photoshopped on the strangest thing

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Should he be flattered or creeped out?

While promoting their new song ‘I’m So Tired’, Troye Sivan and Lauv sat down in LA to talk about life, music and merch, and of course things got weird.

Sure, celebrities must be used to bootleg merchandise being made, but Troye had a whole different experience with it…

Lauv on the other hand has completely stepped up the merchandise game with something quite unusual on his online store, and we kind of love it.

Other celebrities, take note.

Of course, their new song is called ‘I’m So Tired’, so Smallzy played a game with the boys asking them what trends/habits they were tired of.

And boy, does Troye Sivan have a good Uber story.

Written By Lachlan Guertin

“There’s a lot of history behind that song.”

“I’ve [run] through this question seven bajillion times.”

Prepare to swoon.