This affordable Kmart item is apparently better than the high-end alternatives

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Save yourself some coin.

Another day, another Kmart bargain.

Today, we’re talking luggage and the impressive products you can take home for under $100.

As has reported, Choice has tested out 16 pieces of luggage and Kmart’s $49 and $38 options have both come out with scores of 86 per cent. 

To put that in perspective for you, the highest result for the survey was 87 per cent. The bag that took out the top spot was by American Tourister Curio and that product costs $239. 

Also tying in second place at 86 per cent were the Flylite Pro-Lite 54cm ($200), Samsonite 72 Hours DLX ($329), Big W Jetstream ($70) and Skylite 56cm Spinner Carry On ($40).

If you’re in need of a new piece of luggage, the Kmart options are:

Kmart's Hard Case, $38:

kmart suitcase

The Soft Lightweight Case, $49:

Kmart suitcase

Check out the full list here

Images: Getty, Kmart


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