A plastic surgeon reveals what work JLo has had done to look as amazing as she does

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She's almost 50 and looks bloody good.

We don’t know about you, but we’ve always wanted to know how Jennifer Lopez looks so damn good at almost 50, so we spoke to Dr Stephen Mulholland, a Canadian surgeon with expertise in plastic and reconstructive surgery, about what he believes she’s done. 

A mother-of-two, the 49-year-old looks half her age and has one of the best bodies in the business. 

Dr Mulholland told Nova that JLo has put in a lot of hard work at the gym since having her twins and is obviously spending good money on skin care:

“JLo’s face does look a little more oval than I remember, so maybe some strategic use of fillers in the upper cheekbone, a little lip plumping, some strategic use of Botox to open the eye, but she has always been naturally beautiful so I don’t think she has had to resort to any kind of cosmetic surgery just to enhance what she has. 

“I would say she has done some non-invasive treatments such as a Picosure facial,  IPL photo rejuvenation, a little Botox, and soft tissue fillers, combined with a personal trainer and she has done some amazing things.”

The Picosure facial is a laser treatment that  revitalises  the skin, while IPL photo rejuvenation reduces  discolouration  of the skin and evens out your skin tone. Soft tissue fillers are used alone or in combination with other procedures to correct wrinkles and restore tissue volume. 

OK, so basically, she’s just a goddess and looks amazing mostly on her own. Great, we have no hope. 

Image: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Written By Marni Dixit