Alcoholic tea is a thing and we need it in our lives

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Lifestyle Notion Alcohol Tea Bomb

Definitely our cup of tea!

Guys, we’ve officially found a way to make wine and other alcoholic drinks even better – honestly we didn’t think it was possible, but apparently it is!

The team over at Lifestyle Notion have created Alcohol Tea Bombs and instead of having them with water, your enjoy them with your favourite alcoholic drink to create an flavourful cocktail.

There’s six flavours to try out including the Don’t Apple-ogise made from apple, cinnamon and orange and is described as a cocktail that “bursts with three layers of flavour”:

“The apple is sweet, yet cloudy with a slightly sour note. The cinnamon adds a hint of aroma and spice, while the orange gives you tiny citrus zing.

“This bad-boy can be enjoyed all year round with your favourite spirit, light or dark!”

Another one that sounds delicious is the Mid Summer Eve which includes elderflower, lemon, strawberries and mint:

“Now we can’t say that Elderflower will help with your cold and flu symptoms, but it might so why not give this one a try. The delicious combination of floral notes mixed with the sweetness of strawberries and sourness of lemon is sure to leave you coming back for more and more.”

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For winter, you’re probably going to want the Don Draper which includes cinnamon, star anise, cloves and orange peel, it’s described as a “more masculine flavour combination” and will taste damn good with a whisky:

“The Don Draper also mixes well with rum, especially if you’re a fan of Captain Morgans or Sailor Jerry’s and red wine if you want to feel like you’ve just hit up the slopes like Scotty James.”

Find all the flavours here.

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Written By Marni Dixit