Aldi Are Having A Giant Plant Sale So Get Your Green Thumbs Ready

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How many plants is too many plants? 

Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to get your hards dirty with a spot of ~gardening~.

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Millennials are so crazy for plants they're naming their kids after them, but there are legit benefits to surrounding yourself with greenery, like reducing stress levels and breathing life into any room.

So it’s no wonder we’re expecting a line around the block for Aldi’s Special Buys on Wednesday 25 September, because they’re having a huge plant sale. 

If you’ve always wanted a veggie and herb garden to freshen up your cooking, Aldi are stocking Tomato and herb seedlings for just $1.99 each, and four-pack vegetable seedlings for $3.99.

All the plants in Aldi’s sale are either sprouting or established, so there’s no need to wait around for seeds to sprout to reap the benefits. 

Pick up some lush Bamboo for $8.99 and grow a natural screen. Or add bring the outdoors inside with Assorted Fern Planters, also for $8.99.

They’ve even got Assorted Dwarf Citrus Trees, meaning you don’t need a garden - just a pot - to grow you own orange, lemon, mandarin and lime trees. You don’t need to break the bank either, ‘cause these babies are selling for just $29.99 each.



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If flowers are more your thing, pick up assorted varieties and colours of Daisy, $7.99, and Azaleas for $4.99. 

We're planning to breathe in calm all day with Lavender at our desks, which is just $7.99 and the first thing we're hunting down in the sale. 

Check out the full range of plants available here


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