Aldi’s Six-Person Tent For $179 Is Your Ticket To Summer

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Did someone say camping?

Never has the sentiment “Goes to Aldi to buy bread, leaves with a six-person tent,” held more truth.

‘Cause come Aldi’s Special Buys starting Saturday, 14 September, you’ll probs do exactly that.

The retail giant is selling a huge six-person text for just $179 and the best bit isn’t all the camp trips you’re gonna take this summer, it’s the fact that the tent requires no setup.

This is fantastic news for anyone who’s ever attempted to put up/down a tent when the weather is anything other than mild, and you’re anything other than your absolute best.

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Yep, this tent is an INSTANT UP tent, which basically means the tent with its pre-attached frame can be erected in less time than it takes to crack your first tinnie.

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The tent has heat-sealed taped seams, 1500mm waterproof PU coating, internal storage pockets and even a power cord entry point so you can power your laptop/margarita maker.

The six-person tent is also 300cm wide, 270cm long and 190cms high, excluding the awning.

Get crackin’ on ya packin’, the great outdoors is calling.

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Written By Brynn Davies