Can you imagine a FIVE HOUR WORK DAY? That might be a thing. Very soon.

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Yes, please!

Feel like clocking off at 2pm?

You could get up to a lot in the extra few hours. Binge more Netflix, successfully make social plans in the group chat, buy things you don't need, work on your social media brand... the list is endless.

Well, it looks like this could become a reality and sooner than you'd think. A number of Australian companies have introduced this for their employees and it's worked. Actually.



Hobart-based financial firm, Collins HBA started to trial the system in early 2017, and claim they felt the benefits immediately.

They found that it has not only has not only involved a change in hours but a shift in workplace culture.

Operations Director Claudia Parsons told

“It really got people evaluating how they do something, and how they can do it better. It motivated them to evaluate every aspect of their role.”

Working less hours meant changing long meetings into "bite-sized" 10-minute 'stand-ups', and communicating over workplace social media platforms rather than email. It also reduced sick leave and increased the mental and physical health of employees.

That said, with downsized workdays, you probably wont get much time for chill lunches, meme-sharing among work-mates or debating whether a recording says 'Yanny' or 'Laurel'.

The idea is that time is used efficiently enough to complete the same workload in those less hours as you would in 7.5.

It's definitely not for everyone. It wouldn't quite work for retail or hospitality, but 2pm beach sessions are sounding pretty great right now!

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Written By Liz Elias

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