Cinnamon Donut Milk Is The New Love Of Your Life So Get Off The Apps

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This just in: YUM. 

I consider myself a food connoisseur of sorts. 

Specifically, a junk food connoisseur. The kind that makes you think, “Oh that’s disgusting, I need it NOW.”

So I was shocked and disappointed in myself when I realised that cinnamon donut milk exists and I did not realise. It’s release and existence totally missed my radar and I’ve been living the last few months of my life with average, plain, pasteurised non-sugary milk. 

milk GIF

Sure, I don’t really drink milk and I’m one of those millennials that has almond milk in her coffee but I’m still wildly emotional about the fact that Oak’s new(ish) Cinnamon Donut Flavoured Milk managed to hit supermarket shelves without my knowing. 

Just look at this beauty: 

Catch up on the latest Fitsy & Wippa podcast: 

The limited-edition flavour appeared at Woolies in late August, and have people a bit divided – some are saying that it just tastes like vanilla milk, while others are likening it to egg nog. 

Honestly, both sound bloody delish so I don’t really see the issue. 

Even the milk carton knows it’s yummy - so much so that it’s selling itself: 

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If that’s^ good enough, the cartons are currently on special online for $2.10 for a normally $3 600 m bottle. That’s more than half a litre of cinnamony goodness for less than the price of my morning almond cappuccino. 

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go and buy a packet of cinnamon donuts and a carton of cinnamon donut Oak milk and heat both up in the microwave and promptly slip into a blissful sugary coma. 

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Images: The Simpsons / Fox, Giphy / Giphy. 

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