The Emotions of Buying a Home

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Don't be afraid to catch feels. 

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You’ve sacrificed smashed avo and saved. Now you're ready to put your hard-earned cash into a place you’ll either live in or rent out. What you might not realise is what an emotional roller-coaster the whole process can be. 

So to help you prepare, we've outlined five common emotions related to home buying. Whatever happens, keep calm and enjoy the ride! 

1. Nervousness. Getting your financial ducks in a row can be nerve-wracking up-front. But it doesn't end there. So when you see your mortgage broker, make sure those long-term nerves stay in check by being realistic about your expenses (will you now be having that smashed avo?), giving yourself some slack for when interest rates go up, and getting loan protection so you don't have those nasty "what ifs…" niggling away at you for the life of your mortgage.

2. Ruthlessness: You're after that perfect place, but so is everybody else. Stay cool. Don't give yourself away by storming around an inspection pointing out faults in an attempt to put off others (it happens and it's obvious). Use this emotion to judge properties on their merits rather than emotional traps (the smell of baked bread anyone?). This particularly applies at auction time. There's no need to blow the budget – there are other properties around.

3: Euphoria: You've not only found the place – your offer's been accepted. Just make sure you don't let the giddy heights of winning cloud a property inspection if you haven't already had one. Then, time to celebrate!

4. Chaos: There's a lot happening – seemingly all at once. The legals, final loan documents, packing (get rid of all those unwanted bits-and-bobs before you move). Changing address details. Minimise this emotion by creating a wall planner of things to do, and making sure you stick to schedule.

5. Peace: Getting all the basics right up-front puts you in the best position to enjoy your new place without any nasty surprises getting in your way. Enjoy!

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Written By Kalien Övernant

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