Get Ready To Vom At This New Women's Shoe Trend

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Someone call Tan.

We're here to interrupt your Friday night with a very important announcement.

"What are big-toe shoes?" I hear you ask. Great question. But you’re going to regret asking it. 

They are a new trend hitting the high-street from brands such as Zappos and H&M as well as traditionally luxury shoe brands like Giuseppi Zanotti and Céline. They're a pair of shoes that separates your big toe from the rest of the little piggies. 

No, they're not thongs. 

Yes, we’re being serious. They’re legit shoes, and to be frank, they're vomit worthy.

What has the big toe done to be secluded from the rest of the gang, it's practically bullying. 

We had just managed to move away from the suffocating, sweat fest that were the plastic shoes Kim Kardashian decided to shove down our throats. Now we have this to deal with. 

Excuse us while we go throw up in our top desk drawer. 

Image: Friends / NBC

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Written By Christina Cavaleri