Here are the internet's greatest and dankiest memes of 2018

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Sooo many memes to choose from!

After the glorious memery that the internet bestowed upon us in 2017, the bar was set to an almighty low in 2018. 

It probably helps that soooo much stuff happened this year - some good, most of it bad - that we all needed some laughs to drown out all the negative vibes, no matter how dank it was.

And holy hell did the internet deliver once again.

So sit back and enjoy all of 2018's greatest and dankest memes, all compiled in one convenient place and in no particular order for your enjoyment!

1. Karma's a b***h

This infamous line from Riverdale...

... lead to this awesome thing.

2. #BlackHogwarts

Harry Potter fan-fiction lead to this hashtag and the birth of a great meme.

3. Super Bowl selfie Kid

Seems like even a selfie with Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl isn't enough to get this kid off his phone and the internet had quite a bit of fun with it.

4. Change my mind

"Comedian" Steven Crowder set up a table at a Texas university campus with a sign that read "Male privilege is a myth. Change my mind."

Whether the guy is funny or not is up for fierce debate, the memes that came out of it were undeniably hilarious.

5. Savage Patrick

Nothing more needs to be said.

6. "Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history"

Are you sure about that, Marvel?

7. American Chopper argument

Like the actual argument, this meme escalated dramatically and is now one of the greatest things the internet has ever put out.

8. "Is this a pigeon?

It can be whatever you want it to be after the internet was done with it.

9. I don't feel so good

Poor Spidey (and all the people/things that got faded away by the internet).

10. LeBron James' priceless reaction to J.R. Smith's stuff up

LeBron's frustration was our win. Sorry for your big loss, LeBron.

11. Big d**k energy

Sure Pete and Ariana are no longer a thing, but the "big d**k energy" meme that spawned from their relationship lives on.

12. "Hurt me"

Hoo boy, there was a lot of hurtin' going on with this "things said during sex" meme.

13. To All The Boys

To all the memes that came out of Netflix's monster rom-com hit movie.

14. Elon Musk smokes weed

"Dudes, I, like, made a car that runs on electricity, man!"

15. Zendaya is Meechee

Meechee is Zendaya.

16. Gritty

Greatest. Mascot. Ever.

17. Jordan Peele's Obama meet and greet with Marvel movies

So good that it even won the approval of Jordan Peele himself.

18. "Thank U, Next"

One taught us live, one taught us patience, one taught us pain, and this meme has won us (and the internet) over.

19. Surprised Pikachu

No surprises that the internet made magic out of that now-iconic screenshot of Pikachu from season one of Pokemon.

20. They did surgery on a grape


21. He's not your man

He certainly is a lot of other things though according to the internet.

22. Knickers the giant cow

Knickers not only caught everyone's attention but also the imagination of all those folk who have things looming over them (not unlike Knickers looming over every other cow).

Image Credit: Twitter

Written By Alexander Pan