This Law About Using Your Horn While Driving Can Cop You A $300 Fine

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Driving is no joke - there are some pretty strict rules about what we can and cannot do on the road. 

You know what else is no joke? Using our horn while driving. We take it very seriously. It’s the best - and sometimes only - way to tell someone they need to hurry up, they’re being an idiot or, in our mother’s case, to “get in the damn car.”

But it turns out using our horns while driving can cop us a hefty fine and we are not happy, Jan. 

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Victoria Police educate some Aussies about the mystery law by posting a Facebook poll. The poll asked if people knew the correct way to use a horn and if they are allowed to beep at people outside of the car. 

Nearly half of the poll’s participants voted yes: we can beep at pedestrians. But the correct answer is no: we can only use the horn to warn other drivers. 

Which means that beeping at someone to tell them to hurry up/to get off their phone while crossing/to say hello or goodbye as we drive by is ILLEGAL. 

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If drivers are caught using their horns inappropriately in New South Wales, they can expect a fine of $344 while Victorians will see a lesser fine of $161.

The result of the Facebook poll quickly fired people up with users complaining that police would fine people “for anything.”

“What about if you're warning them. The beeping horn might mean 'I'm WARNING you, if you're not out here in 10 seconds I'm leaving'. That's a warning isn't it,” one woman commented. 

“Absolutely ridiculously madness and terribly insane rule,” another person commented. 

Other social media users supported the rule.

What do you think - is the law fair or totally insane? 

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