Macca’s Monopoly Is Back And We’re Going To Win This Time

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We've got eyes on that jet ski.

Yes, you've read it right. Macca's Monopoly is BACK!

This season's prizes include standard fare like burg's, desserts etc. (solid, we're not complaining) but the real goodies are things like free fuel for a year, a jet ski, Euro holiday and a Suzuki Vitara Automatic aka a bloody car.

To win, just pop into Macca's, grab a participating product (or a medium/large extra value meal for even more opps) and peel the Monopoly tile. There are three different ways to win too, an instant win, a collect to win, or chance card.

Download the MyMaccas App and enter the ticket code to redeem your prizes - but keep those peeled bits safe, 'cause you'll need it to claim IRL.

Catch up on the latest Kate, Tim & Marty podcast (post continues):

The comp runs from Wednesday 4 September to Tuesday 29 October, 2019 so what are you waiting for?

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Written By Ally Parker

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