The most useful budget hacks the internet swears by

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In this long journey called life there will be times when you may have blown your allocated budget just a bit, meaning that you're going to have to scrimp and save before your next paycheck clears.

But luckily for you, you are far from alone when it comes to being strapped for cash.

While internet folk can be a little unsavoury at times, there are some who just want to help their fellow human being during times of need.

And this is exactly what happened when a Reddit thread titled "What are the best life hacks for poor people?" was created and quickly drew several thousands of creative replies on how to make every single dollar last as long as possible.

Without further ado, here are the best budget life hacks from that thread, plus some funny ones we found because a bit of laughter never hurt anyone, poor or otherwise.

Always floss, y'all!

"Floss - dental visits are expensive."

Done waste anything.

"Eliminate food waste. Things you'd normally throw away like vegetable peelings and bones can be turned into flavorful stock for future meals."

One person's trash is another's treasure

"Rich people throw out amazing stuff. If you know someone with a truck, you can go around the wealthy areas on garbage day and get all sorts of furniture, appliances, and clothing."

Hot sauce FTW

"Hot Sauce is a simple investment to turn sad, bland food, into sad, slightly less bland food."

A great meal for nearly nothing

"Congee with a broth cube and leftover veggies and meat. When things are really tight, just rice, broth cube and water. 1 cup of rice with 6-8 cups of broth or water will stretch into several meals this way. It can be made really nutritious by adding more things, but when money's tight this can satisfy your belly."

This person wrote the bible on budget life hacks

"Learn to cook dried beans. Pat boil them first. Then rinse and cook until done. Google it if you need to. Super cheap and nutritious meal. Bonus points for cooking them in a crockpot in a small room. It will help heat your room while they cook.

"Cheap hotdog buns are a cheaper alternative to loaves of sliced bread if you are on your own. A whole loaf of bread can often go stale before you eat it.

"Wear a knit hat and scarf in the house. It makes a huge difference. Keep that thermostat on 60 degrees. You will make it. Also, if you are a single person, spend time at the library or other public space. Free heat and often free entertainment.

"If you can afford it, buy an electric blanket.

"If you can’t afford it, get one of those plush acrylic throws. Use it as the first layer of bed covering. Top it with some type of heavier cotton quilt. If you don’t have a quilt, top it with a sheet and then some other type of blanket. You will stay warm. It’s amazing.

"Do not buy bar soap. Buy body wash and use one of those mesh loofahs. You will use much less product."

Keep an eye on EVERY cent

"Manage every dollar you spend. Know exactly where your money is going. You can't reduce spending (and save more) if you don't understand where your money is going."

Kids (or not)

"Don't have kids."

Woolies or Coles? Pffft

"Go to Aldi. Most stuff there (eggs, lettuce, salt) are just as good as other stores and much cheaper."

Know where to shop

"Shop at Goodwill/second hand stores!."

Water is life, literally

"Drink only water. It's one of those ripple effect things that improves every other area of your life."

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