Social Media Is Horrified Yet Intrigued By These ‘Wooly’ ASOS Heels

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“What fresh hell is this?”

Just in time for spring, ASOS has released a pair of shoes in possibly the dumbest material ever.

We’re talking synthetic sheep wool heels.

sheep silence GIF by STUDIOCANAL France

Look at them, they’re practically screaming WE WILL BE RUINED IN AN HOUR:

Imagine trying to scrub muck from the street out of this fuzz?

Instagram account @asbos_sos were the first to identify the horror online, posting a shot of the heels with the caption: ‘Ewe ok hun?’ and hashtags #lilbopeep #haslosthersheep #niceshoesbopeep and #tellmemoreaboutthosemissingsheep.

Fans were confused about the sheep shoes, writing: “What fresh hell is this?” One user wrote: “Wearing these for the zoo so I can be one with the goats.”

Another added: “I could never wear them because I felt as if I’d hunted, skinned, and fashion shoes from Elmo…”

A lot of people also simply commented with sheep emojis or different variations of “BAAAA”.

sheep GIF

The Sensation Kitten Heel Court Shoes in teddy fleece are retailing on ASOS for $34.


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Written By Brynn Davies