Spotify Has Dropped Zodiac Playlists And Virgo Is A Certified Banger

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Okay, they all kind of bop.

The US has been enjoying Cosmic Playlists for what feels like yooooonks.

But it's finally our turn.

Yessir, Australia has earned its run at Zodiac-led playlists by famed astrologer and star whisperer Chani Nicholas. 

Available on Spotify, the 12 playlists change monthly and according to Chani, can be used for inspiration, reflection or "your own personal dance party".

Catch up on the latest Kate, Tim & Marty podcast (post continues):

At a cursory spin through the stars, we have to admit we've yet to find a playlist we didn't enjoy.

Scorpio? Tick! Virgo? TICK! Aries? We’re a little frightened at the insight but that's expected. 

Whether you believe in the stars or think it's all a bit hookey, at the end of the day you've got a pretty solid playlist - or 12 - to add to your list.

And a good bop never hurt no one*

*unlike Geminis.

You can access all the playlists via Chani's website or simply search for a star sign in Spotify. Easy.

P.S. Chani also made a playlist for Lizzo which is a whole moment:

Image: Beyonce / YouTube

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Written By Ally Parker